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SAILOR MOON and SORCERER HUNTERS are copyrighted by their respective companies. The Hunters help the Sailor
Scouts fight a Dark Moon renegade and Carrot tries his luck with an Outer Scout. Guess which one.

"Oh, shit." Carrot moaned as he turned and saw Chocolate with an evil grin.

Carrot Glace had scored a rare date with an artist who happened to be Gateau and Eclair Mocha's cousin. The two were in
bed about to "make some music" when the leather-clad dominatrix sisters Chocolate and Tira Misu entered with
punishments instruments in hand.

"Would you please excuse us?" Tira purred sweetly. "This is private."
"I'll see you later," the girl replied a little uneasy.
"You got it," Carrot smiled. "See you later."

Carrot suddenly found himself tied to the bed, yet the two dominatrixes only sat on either side of the bed and began
caressing him, kitten-like purring eminating from them.

"Darling," Chocolate mused. "Why do you do this?"
"Yes, Carrot," Tira smiled. "Why torture yourself like this?"
"You know we love you, that only we can fight over you."
"Why do this to yourself when all you have to do is choose between my sister and I."
"Maybe I don't want to choose," Carrot replied, steeling himself.
"What's that?"
"I like you both equally. It ain't fair that I have to disappoint one of you so I don't. Better to find someone else."

The two Misus' rebuttal was interrupted with the appearance of Big Momma and the other Hunters. They reluctantly untied
him and let him up. Thank God! He dressed himself and sat cross-legged on the bed, his eyes suddenly lit up with interest
at what the Hunters' Celestial Contractor had to say.

"I am sorry to interrupt your 'recreation'," Big Momma smiled dryly.
"That's all right," Carrot grinned. "Was getting bored anyway."
"We have received word of some unusal power in another realm. It may be evil or it may not be. Either way, I would like the
five of you to investigate."
"Sure thing, Big Momma," Tira rasped. "What's the name of the realm?"

Crossroads. A bustling, fairly upscale suburb of Tokyo and one of the less crowded sections. The Hunters found themselves
looking around at the scenery. The buildings climbing into the sky. The people walking by, some hustling and some chatting
more leisurely, no one giving them even a curious glance.

"Well," Carrot snorted. "Nothing impressive so far."
"I wonder if the Sorcerers here will have any markings?" Marron mused.
"Good point. They may not, so we may not be able to tell."
"I don't know about you," Gateau interjected, "but I'm hungry."
"Yeah," Chocolate replied. "Me too."
"I think we passed someplace a little ways back," Carrot said, gesturing to where they had walked from.

The Hunters walked back and saw a diner up a flight of steps with LUNAR CROWN on the window. They walked up and
entered, seeing a fair number of people, looking for someplace to sit. Tira spotted a table near a group of girls about 16-17,
one rather noticeable with her blonde hair styled in two topknot pigtails. They sat down as the waitress gave them menus.
Suddenly, Carrot's eye wandered and fell upon a tall elegant figure sitting nearby, her features delicate and luxurious
sea-green hair flowing gracefully over her shoulders. An evil smile creased his lips.

"Will you excuse me?" Carrot purred as he got up. "I need to use the boy's room."
"Don't get any ideas, darling," Chocolate smiled poisonously.
"Trust me."
"I hope your friend isn't doing what I think he is," a slightly husky voice mused.

The Hunters turned and saw the girls staring at him. A tall, rangy girl with chestnut hair and emerald eyes was the speaker.
The girls and the Hunters introduced themselves and shook hands in greeting. Suddenly, Carrot came out with a
multi-colored shirt, lime green vest and pants and boots. Gold adorned his wrist and neck and each hand had two rings. His
eyes were covered by sunglasses. He glided up to the jukebox, chose two selections and eased over to where the
sea-green-haired girl sat. Suddenly, music sounded and Barry White's chocolate-smooth bass purred from the speakers and
lovingly caressed each woman's ear with its gentle, dulcet tones.

"My darling. I--" Mr. White crooned. "can't get enough of your love, baby."

Carrot was lip-synching while grooving and gyrating to the beat. The Scouts' smiled at his temerity while the Hunters sighed
while restraining a rather livid Chocolate. The girl enjoyed the serenade, especially as Carrot gave her a rose he pulled from
nowhere and kissed her cheek. Unbeknownst to him, a tall athletic girl sporting men's clothing and Dorothy Hamill-style
sandy-blonde hair, stood behind him with arms folded and eyebrows arched. The crowd was getting into it, clapping along
and cheering him. The song switched into "MY FIRST, MY LAST, MY EVERYTHING" as Carrot busted moves to make
Micheal Jackson jealous. After the mini-concert, the diner erupted into a cacophany of cheers and applause as the older
Glace took a bow, then plunked himself onto the table as his intended audience applauded, a wide smile on her lips.

"That was wonderful," she purred. "You have talent."
"Thank you," Carrot replied taking her hand and gently kissed it. "Carrot Glace, mon cher. But you may call me Love
"Michelle Moreau. It is nice to meet you."
"Likewise. What say the two of us find a quiet spot and make some magic?"
"Sorry, Love Machine," a masculine alto intoned behind Carrot. "Michelle isn't going anywhere with you."

Carrot turned to see the tall rather lovely-in-an-adrogynous-way girl looking at him, her blue eyes piercing him, her expression
less than amused. Carrot turned back to Michelle.

"The boyfriend?"
"Actually," Michelle purred. "Amara is a girl. So, she actually is my girlfriend."
"Oooooh. A threesome. Yummy."
"In your dreams, pal," Amara retorted sitting down across from her beloved. "Now why don't you and Barry take a walk."
"As Your Ladyship wishes."

Carrot pulled out a rose and gave it to the Uranus Scout, followed by a kiss on the lips stunning her and elicting thunderous
cheers. He then turned to a very amused Michelle and planted one on her lips as well and winked.

"Until later, mon cher."

Carrot glided back to the table where the other Hunters sat, slapping fives and shaking hands along the way. He took another
bow before sitting down and noticing the Scouts staring at him, their eyes popping out of their sockets in shock, almost
gsping in disbelief.

"Subtle as always, brother dear," Marron smiled dryly.
"Oh, my GOD!" Mina gasped. "You got balls, pal."
"Yeah," Lita said. "Amara is jealously possessive of Michelle. You'll be lucky if she doesn't rip your throat out."
"My dear," Carrot grinned as he began sipping his Coke, "the Love Machine knows how to handle women."
"Excuse me, Love Machine."

Carrot looked up at the voice and saw Amara standing over him, her expression less than thrilled. Yet, a slight smile played
at her lips.

"You are lucky I'm in a good mood. However, if you don't want your balls for lunch, I would suggest you don't do that again.
Got it?"
"We apologize, miss," Gateau glared at a grinning Carrot. "The pervert thinks with the little head instead of the big one."
"Just see he doesn't do it again or he'll lose both."

The Hunters turned to the Scouts and discussed the reason they were in Crossroads. Mina asked about Big Momma while
Lita stared wide-eyed at Gateau in her familiar "he looks like my old boyfriend" expression. Carrot was trying his luck with
Raye who was about as gentle in her refusal as the Misus were in punishing the wayward older Glace. Serena giggled.

"That was cute," she purred. "Trying to seduce Michelle with Barry White, who does happen to be one of her favorites."
"Well," Amy smiled while giving Luna a gentle stroke, "you do get points for bravery. Not too many men dare try coming on
to her without Amara nearby."
"What about you, Ms. Pigtails?" Carrot sat next to her. "How bout a date?"
"Sorry, pal," a friendly tenor mused. "Serena's spoken for."
"Darien!" Serena cooed, rushing to a tall athletic figure with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. "How are you, muffin?"

Darien and Serena walked off to find a private booth. That lucky sonofabitch! Chocolate smiled as she sat next to her man,
her hand stealthily reaching his crotch and squeezing her target. Carrot's face turned purple as he tried to refrain from yelping
in pain.

"Please don't do that again, darling." Her voice sweetly purred. "I do want children and I know you do too. So, please don't
make me rip this off."
"My God!" Lita gasped. "You're as bad as Amara."
"You've no idea," Gateau smiled. "The perv always chases girls and Chocolate and Tira here have to whip the shit out of
"Let me tell you," Carrot cringed. "It ain't no picnic. These two have to trust me more often then they do."
"Carrot,"  Tira put in. "You couldn't spell trust."
"Or at least accept that I don't want to choose because 1. I don't want to hurt their feelings. 2. I don't love them the way they
me. 3. I want sanity so I chase someone else."

Suddenly, an explosion rocked the diner as three youmas resembling KISS wannabes appeared and start wailing away on
their electric guitars. The "guitars" emitted blue electricity that began sapping energy from the customers. The Hunters
sprang into action, Chocolate and Tira assuming "dominatrix" mode. Yet, Carrot was first to attack as he got ready.

"KAMAHAMEHYA WAVE!" He yelled, blasting one youma away.

The other two turned and blasted him, trying to steal his energy, but they were shocked to see their would-be victim
transform into a snarling, giant bull-like monster. They decided descretion was the better part of valor and disappeared. Tira
smiled at Chocolate as the two turned to the suddenly shaking Zoanthrope and treated the patrons to whipping the living
daylights of the beast. The Scouts cringed in horror, except Amara who smiled as she thought about inflicting a little pain on
Carrot herself. The next day the Hunters and the Scouts were having a picnic in the park. Chocolate and Tira were playing
with Diana as Amy and Marron were playing chess. Carrot was telling Darien and Serena about all his "conquests" that he
bedded during the winter holidays, ignoring the Misu sisters' warning glares.

"What's the deal with those two?" Darien asked. "Why do they whip you?"
"Yeah," Serena queried, her face a mask of disgust. "Like, what's their problem?"
"Alas," Carrot replied, "those two are, shall we say, very jealous and very VERY possessive?"
"That's an understatement."
"That's something Amara might do if some guy tried hitting on Michelle," Darien put in. "I would not recommend it, if you
value your health."
"The pervert doesn't care about his health," Gateau called out. "If it has tits and can move, he's on it."
"Speaking of the two lovebirds," Mina interrupted pointing to a tree not too far away.

Indeed, the happy Outer Couple was sitting under the tree enjoying a picnic lunch, a gentle breeze blowing through Michelle's
sea-green mane. Both were sporting tanktops and denim jackets and jeans ensembles. Carrot excused himself, picked up
his radio, and glided over to the Outers' spot, to the Uranus Princess' chagrin. Johnny Gill's "RUB YOU THE RIGHT WAY"
crooned from the speakers and Carrot began to strut his stuff, moving to make Micheal Jackson jealous. The Scouts could
not believe his temerity, praying that Amara would not take head off.

"He gets points for bravery," Amy put in.
"But not for intelligence," Lita sighed. "It'll be a miracle if Amara doesn't flatten him."
"I hope she kicks the shit out of him." Gateau mused uninterested.
"Sorry, Gateau. That's our job," Chocolate smiled. Tira nodded her agreement.

After the show, Carrot planted a kiss on Michelle's lips and sauntered back to where the Scouts sat and began eating his
lunch ignoring the others' stares and the Misu sisters' dirty looks as well as Amara's icy glare.

"You like playing with fire, don't you?" Raye asked.
"Possibly," Carrot shrugged. "Why?"
"Because Michelle is taken," Amy put in, "and Amara is rather possessive."
"Good afternoon, Mr. Carrot." Michelle and Amara were standing over the Scouts, the Neptune Princess' features decorated
with a sweet smile while the butch Uranus Scout's face showed less amusement. "That is a lovely trick you have."
"Thank you," Carrot grinned. "You're referring to the Kamehamehya Wave?"
"No, turning into that bull creature." Michelle smiled. "Quite cool."
"Well." the older Glace gently lowered Michelle down and coiled a friendly arm around her. "Such a divine, gorgeous creature
like yourself does bring out the animal in me, you  know."
"Down, boy," Amara lifted Michelle to her bare feet. "Let me put it in plain English in case I didn't make myself clear:
Michelle is MY, I repeat, MY girfriend. So kindly back off and go bother someone else."
"Scouts!" Artemis cried, running up and leaping onto Mina's shoulder. "Two more youma have shown themselves at the mall!"
"The party never ends," Serena moaned, her lunch perusual interrupted. "Well, MOON CRYSTAL MAKEUP!"

The Sorcerer Hunters gasped as the Scouts changed into their fighting fuku outfits, Carrot drooling over the Scouts being
nude for part of the transformation. The group ran to the mall and indeed the two KISS-like youma were sucking the energy
out of the patrons with their "gutiars". Dispensing with the introductionary speech, the Scouts attacked and Carrot destroyed
one of the youma, along with several other monsters that the remaining youma had created. It was indeed a true team
victory. Smiling wickedly and "curious", Carrot gently, but not very subtly, lifted Neptune's skirt a little bit, only to have
Uranus grab Pluto's staff and drive the end right between Carrot's legs and ram his genitals almost to the roof of his mouth.
The Hunters were shocked. The Uranus Princess was indeed almost as vicious as the Misu siblings.

"Yes," Carrot weakly moaned.
"We tried to warn you," Mina sighed.
"Please, Mr. Glace," Tara interjected softly. "Amara-papa is very jealous. Don't push her unless you wish to be hospitalized."
"The sad thing," Marron explained, "is that Brother Dear will be up to his old tricks before the afternoon is out. He always is."
"Yes," Tira smiled dryly. "Never let being beaten stop you from girlchasing."

Grossularite smiled while stroking her pink-with-green-streaked hair. So, these Scouts and Sorcerer Hunters were going to
be a little tougher than she thought. She was going to avenge the destruction of the Black Moon Family and Wiseman. The
Scouts were showing the Hunters around Crossroads, Chocolate and Tira shopping with Mina and Serena. Amara was
walking next to Michelle, glaring warningly at Carrot, but the Neptune Princess seemed to smile at him almost
conspiratorially. As they walked around the mall, the ex-Black Moon member decided to pull out all the stops. She waved
her hand and immediately a large group of KISS-like youma appeared and she and the youma began attacking the patrons,
draining energy and converting them into zombies. The zombies attacked the Scouts who immediately transformed. The
Hunters also got into the act, Marron blasting the youma and the Misus and Gateau fighting off the zombies, the sisters
whipping away with inhuman glee. Carrot was suprising! everyone with his going Super Sayian Three and blasting zombies
and youma with Spirit Bombs and Kamahamehya Waves.

"Most impressive," the ex-Black Moon Family member smiled.
"Who are you?" Sailor Moon demanded. "Why are you doing this?!"
"The name is Grossularite. I'm here to avenge the Black Moon Family."
"I don't remeber anything about her," Venus put in.
"That's because I was sort of the black sheep, Blondie. The renegade."
"But you want to avenge them."
"They're family. Enough chitchat. Let's rumble!"

The Scouts and Grossularite blasted away at each other, taking out chunks of the stores as the patrons scattered trying to
get out of the way of destruction and carnage. Gateau was bowling over four and five zombies at a time while the Misus had
others on the run. Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and Marron were blasting away the youma at a good clip. Youma suddenly turned
toward to Carrot and blasted him with Black Moon energy. Suddenly, his eyes glowed red as he began laughing evilly. Soon,
instead of a scrawny perverted Sorcerer Hunter who knew Sayian techniques there was a giant bull-like Zoanthrope causing
havoc blasting youma and knocking aside zombies. Grossularite blasted bolt after bolt at the Zoanthrope, but all it did was to
make the beast mad.


A loud ripping fart exploded and the stench assaulted everyone's nostrils weakening the zombies and youma as balls of
energy destroyed them. Suddenly, the Black Moon Family renegade found herself alone.  She tried to escape, only to run
into the giant beast and be squashed into oblivion. Tira and Chocolate met each other's eyes nodding. Suddenly,

"Can I join?"
"Sure thing, girlfriend," Tira smiled handing Amara a whip.
"Knock yourself out," Chocolate grinned.

The three assaulted the Zoanthrope, Amara especially, getting demonic pleasure in finally giving Carrot what for. If anything,
her whipping was more brutal and sadistic than the two Misus as they watched impressed. Later, the Hunters and Scouts
were in the Food Court having dinner. Carrot watched Amara and Michelle talk and kiss each other on the lips. Michelle
walked over to where Carrot sat as the lesbian Scout left. A sweet smile rested on her lips as the Scouts and Hunters
groaned. The man did not learn his lesson.

"Hello, Mr. Carrot," She smiled.
"Hello, yourself," Carrot replied. "Where's the girlfriend going?"
"She has a race tonight and tommorrow, so she' staying at a hotel."
"Really?" A glimmer of hope sparked in Carrot's eyes.
"Yes. I was hoping you could show me why you are called 'Love Machine'."
"Your wish is my command, my lady." Carrot's grin broadened wolfishly. SCORE!!!

Two days later, the Hunters were in the LUNAR CROWN having a farewell lunch with the Sailor Scouts. Amara and Michelle
were not present, but the Scouts were not surprised. What they were suprised at was that Carrot was able to score a night of
passion with the Neptune Princess. The older Glace had put in a tape of the previous activities and making comments about

"Let me tell you," Carrot grinned. "It was the SWEETEST night ever. She is the absolute best."
"You snogged Michelle?!" Raye gasped. "I don't believe you!"
"How could you!" Lita chimed in. "What about Michelle?"
"Hey," Carrot smiled. "Why should that tight-assed lesbo have all the fun?"
"It's called," Tara sighed. "Michelle-mama is Amara-papa's girlfriend. You had no right to impose on her."
"She asked me. Who am I to say no?"
"I would suggest," Serena smiled sadly, "that you better hightail it before Amara hands you your head on a platter."

Suddenly, the door ripped open, crashing against the wall.


Amara and the two Misus stormed in clad in leather dominatrix gear and brandishing whips. Carrot quickly said goodbye and
snuk out the back through the kitchen, stealing a free lunch on the way.

"Where is that PIG!" Amara demanded.
"He left," Amy replied. "He bragged about doing Michelle last night."
"Yes," Chocolate smiled. "Michelle showed us the video and begged us not to hurt him."
"We won't hurt him," Tira chirped. "Just give a little punishment to remind him he belongs to us."
"I'm going to fucking rip his balls off," Amara growled. "If Michelle gets pregnant, I am going to personally castrate him."
"THERE HE IS!" Tira announced, seeing Carrot sneaking away.

The three chased after Carrot, cursing and ripping their whips at him. Sighing Marron and Gateau said goodbye.

"Say bye to Carrot," Mina smiled. "Or at least what's left when those three are done."
"We will," Marron smiled.
"I hope that they murder him," Gateau mused. "Serves the little bastard right."

The Hunters left Crosroads, including a very bloody and beaten Carrot, and returned to Spooner. In the meantime, Michelle
indeed got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy boy, Carrot Steven Monroe-Sokolova. Amara was pissed and Carrot was
ecstatic. Everyone rejoiced.


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